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We recently attended the first Medicarian conference in Las Vegas. Jay Weintraub took the top Medicare Supplement conference and broadened it to include innovation. Innovation across the entire senior healthcare space. We interviewed a number of leaders on the event floor and pulled the recordings into three podcasts. Today, in part 2 of 3, we’ll explore innovation in customer creation. Recent regulations released by the CMS, privacy changes on social media platforms, and iOS changes have radically reshaped how we find, engage, and connect with seniors.

Richard Chan
CEO at CoverRight
Big idea: Important to engage senior consumers at the start of their shopping experience, not just at point of purchase.

Thomas Cutting
Big idea: Effectively converting leads requires a deeper understanding of how to activate each opportunity based on individual demographic data.

Verisk Marketing Solutions – Jornaya
Jeff Piotrowski
Market Leader, Insurance
Big idea: Not only do we need to be compliant, but we also need to understand who the lead actually is and what happens after they turn into a client.

Greg Salwitz
Chief Product Officer
Big idea: It’s time to move from a transactional to a relationship-based, member-centric model in the Med Supp market for better retention and satisfaction.

Joe Marino
Big idea: CMS compliance will dominate AEP lead generation this year. Seniors getting more tech-savvy.

Inspire Health Tech
Mark Seghers
CEO & Founder
Big idea: Seniors need a lot of help navigating a bewildering variety of health plans

Danny Greeson
Founder at eQuoto
Daryl Goldstein
VP, Sales And Business Development
Big idea: Don’t waste agent time working with or speaking with low-intent leads.

Regal Voice
Katie Aprile
Account Executive at Regal Voice
Big idea: Agents should consider using a voice platform designed for B-C during this AEP season.

RGI Solutions
Bob Donnellan
VP of Sales & Marketing at RGI Solutions
Big idea: Take the risk out of AEP this year by working with a performance-based marketing agency.

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Laura Dinan Haber097 Medicarians – Customer Creation

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