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Insurtech Hartford Symposium Brings Industry’s Tech Innovators Together to Look Ahead

Business Council of Westchester

The annual InsurTech Hartford Symposium, taking place on April 17 and 18 at the Mohegan Sun casino, is described by organizers as “so much more than your traditional industry gathering.”

It is the culmination of insurance innovation, organizers explain, “bringing the best of the best in executive leadership, insight, and technology for the advancement of insurance innovation.” The conference is about “coming together leveraging the bridges we’ve built throughout the insurance ecosystem to drive insurance innovation.” The stated mission is to provide knowledge, insights, and opportunities to build the future of insurance.

Topics to be discussed include AI in Underwriting Today, Simplified Claims for Complex Times, CHatGPT AI and Other Large Language Models, The growing Role of Geospatial Data and Aerial Imagery in Insurance, Building Trust in a Digital Age, and IoT:  The Silent Medley Reshaping Risk Assessment.

There will be a total of 101 speakers at various points during the two-day symposium, including leaders from the Hartford region and Connecticut, as well as from well beyond the state’s borders.

Keynote speakers are Mojgan Lefebvre, EVP and Chief Technology and Operations Officer at Travelers, and Heidi Sirota, Pet Industry and Leadership Consultant. Locally-based speakers include Bhamini Patel, Project Manager, Innovation Lab, The Hartford; Donna Regan, Senior Marketing Partner at Hartford Steam Boiler; Chance Foster, Director, Enterprise Innovation at The Travelers; Ewelina Mroczek, AVP, Product & Market Research at Lincoln Financial; Ojala Naeem, Head of XD Operation, Enterprise Customer Experience at The Travelers; Angie Wyszynski, VP, Global Customer Experience at HSB; and Laura Dinan Haber, Innovation Brand Director at Nassau Financial Group.

Dinan Haber is among eight recipients of the Insurtech Hartford Symposium’s Making Waves Award, which acknowledges thought leaders for their roles in advancing innovation within the insurance sector.

Laurissa Berk, Director of Global & Experiential Education at the UConn School of Business, and Deputy State Insurance Commissioner Jared Kosky are also among the speakers at the Symposium.

The symposium will also include roundtable sessions to explore the latest trends and challenges in insurance technology, with participants urged to “share insights, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections in these interactive sessions designed to drive collaboration and foster innovation.”  Additionally, attendees will have opportunities to take part in a number of hands-on workshops tailored to equip professionals with practical knowledge and skills “essential for navigating the evolving landscape of insurance technology.” Led by industry experts, these interactive sessions are designed to offer insights and strategies to “drive innovation and succeed in today’s market.”

Those attending the InsurTech Hartford Symposium will also have free access to two other events taking place on April 16th: Cyber Defense Connect and Captive Insurance Forum, also at Mohegan Sun.

Nicholas BreniaInsurtech Hartford Symposium Brings Industry’s Tech Innovators Together to Look Ahead
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Panel Discusses Profound Impact of AI on Professional Services

Business Council of Westchester

Standing, from left, Jason Scott, Partner, Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani; BCW President & CEO Marsha Gordon; Gary Grandstaff, Commercial Banking Regional Manager, Tompkins Community Bank (sponsor); Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson, Partner, Thompson & Bender, and Dwayne Norris, Co-Founder & COO, Soulful Synergy. Seated, from left, Raymond Ebert, Founder, EGIS Partners; Paul Tyler, Chief Marketing Officer, Nassau Financial Group and Donvil Collins, Founder, VeeKast

The Business Council of Westchester (BCW) convened a panel of experts at the Tompkins Community Bank Power Breakfast on Thursday to delve into the profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on professional services.

The panel discussion, part of BCW’s AI Alliance 360° initiative, aimed to shed light on how AI is revolutionizing traditional practices, driving productivity, and enhancing client experiences across various industries. Panel moderator Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of the BCW, highlighted the transformative potential of AI in professional services.

“The conversion to artificial intelligence has ushered in a new era of innovation, efficiency, and integration across various industries from advertising and marketing to finance, legal services, and consulting,” said Gordon.

Paul Tyler, Chief Marketing Officer at Nassau Financial Group, provided insights into how AI is being used to predict personnel movements and simplify complex financial concepts using a pilot AI platform. “The pilot will be rolling out next month. It helps people talking to agents explain our some of our very complicated products in very easy ways,” said Tyler.

Jason C. Scott, a partner at Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, emphasized the importance of transparent AI-use policies within organizations. “Our internal policy is that if we’re using generative AI for you, we get your consent in writing. We make sure that the client has full information about that. We’ve only had a few large, national clients specifically ask and want to know exactly what we are doing, how are we using it,” said Scott.

Elizabeth Bracken Thompson, a partner at Thompson & Bender, highlighted the transformative impact of generative AI on advertising and marketing strategies. “It’s empowering all the people who work at our agency to understand our target markets better,” said Bracken-Thompson, who explained that time-consuming research is easier to obtain, analyze and apply to campaigns. “It’s creating a more efficient and budget-friendly experience.”

Raymond C. Ebert, founder of EGIS Partners, discussed the responsible implementation of AI within organizations. “Some of the new adopters who tend to adopt technology very well have been very organized in how they’ve done it. They’ve put a committee in place that basically oversees the use of AI within their organizations,” said Ebert.

Donvil Collins, founder of VeeKast — a video production company — said generative AI allows his staff to develop initial concepts and it gives them more time to improve scripts. “We can’t use it yet for producing the content because there’s definitely some issues with that, where there’s imperfections, some weird things that it would produce,” said Collins. “It just isn’t smart enough yet of course but it definitely creates some really beautiful images.”

Dwayne R. Norris, co-founder and COO of Soulful Synergy, a workforce development and employment training company, said his company uses AI platforms like Boomerang, Grammarly and Perplexity to improve efficiency. “When I’m reaching out to new partners, I’m having (AI) analyze websites and really understand where our service is aligned with one another. I’m having it analyze RFP’s and proposals so I can understand if it’s something that we should pursue or not pursue,” said Norris, noting that his proposal-preparation time has significantly fallen.

The BCW’s AI Alliance 360° initiative will continue with a series of events throughout the year, including discussions on AI in healthcare, academic innovation, cybersecurity, and marketing strategies. Thursday’s program was held at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown.

Nicholas BreniaPanel Discusses Profound Impact of AI on Professional Services
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InsurTech Hartford Announces 2024 Industry Influencer Award Honorees

InsurTech Hartford, a pioneering organization dedicated to the advancement of insurance innovation, today announced the honorees of this year’s industry influencer awards. These awards celebrate individuals who are making waves in insurance innovation and having a positive impact on the industry.

The honorees are:

  • Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-Founder and COO, Benekiva
  • Marissa Buckley, Co-Founder, RevUp
  • Margeaux Giles, CEO, Irys InsurTech
  • Curtis Goldsborough, President, National Insurance Inspection Services
  • Tony Canas, Co-Founder, Insurance Nerds
  • Laura Dinan Haber, Innovation Brand Director, Nassau Financial Group
  • Christopher Frankland, Founder, InsurTech360
  • Alan Demers, President, InsurTech Consulting

This year’s honorees have been selected for their groundbreaking contributions, which highlight the critical role of technology in shaping its future. Finalists were chosen by last year’s honorees: Rob Galbraith, Bryan Falchuk, Adrian Jones, Lisa Wardlaw, Patrick Kelahan, Matteo Carbone, Ema Roloff, David Gritz, Gilad Shai, Abel Travis, and Denise Garth.

The “Making Waves” awards will be presented during the InsurTech Hartford Symposium, an event that is the cornerstone for collaboration, learning, and networking among the brightest minds in the industry. Held April 17th and 18th, the symposium is expected to attract hundreds of professionals from across the world, including representatives from over 100 different carriers and 50 startups.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the symposium will feature an array of workshops and panel discussions designed to reshape the future of insurance and share insights on the latest trends and challenges.

“We are incredibly proud to recognize these trailblazers who are creating a lasting impact in the InsurTech community,” said Stacey Brown, Founder and President of InsurTech Hartford. “Their efforts and dedication inspire a future where technology and insurance converge to meet the evolving needs of society.”

The InsurTech Hartford Symposium is not just an event but a celebration of the spirit of innovation that drives progress within the industry. Attendees can look forward to engaging with honorees, exploring new opportunities, and gaining invaluable insights. InsurTech Hartford is also hosting a press conference that gives industry media the opportunity to interview leading executives, honorees, and keynote speakers bringing real-time insight to our industry.

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Nicholas BreniaInsurTech Hartford Announces 2024 Industry Influencer Award Honorees
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London, U.K. officials visit Hartford to promote insurtech corridor partnership

The Lord Mayor of London and other U.K. officials visited Connecticut’s Capitol building in Hartford this week to highlight the growth of the CT-UK InsurTech Corridor, a partnership that launched in 2022.

The CT-UK InsurTech Corridor is a partnership between Connecticut, Hartford and the United Kingdom that aims to foster business development in the insurance and financial services industries.

It now has 18 companies in its cohort.

Five U.K-based insurtech companies — Reask, Previsico, Matrix iQ, Slipcase and Sonar Global — have announced they will be locating their U.S. headquarters in Hartford.

Among other things, the business accelerator corridor provides support and industry connections to help companies test their proof of concepts in other markets and learn insights at no cost.

Michael Mainelli, the first American-born Lord Mayor of London, met with Gov. Ned Lamont, Hartford Mayor Arunan Arulampalam and other city and state officials Tuesday afternoon to discuss the partnership and its goals. As lord mayor, Mainelli serves as an international ambassador for the U.K.’s financial and professional services sector and heads the City of London Corporation, the governing body of the Square Mile, a historic district in London.

“We’re very interested in working here with the state of Connecticut, and the city of Hartford in particular, because what we like to do is to connect with other cities and try and create mutual prosperity,” Mainelli said. “The InsurTech corridor is very, very important to us and we’ve already seen five United Kingdom firms moving over here and opening extensions of their existing business. We’re hoping naturally to see some Connecticut firms and U.S. firms moving back in the other direction.”

The InsurTech Corridor launched in 2022 as a collaboration between the U.K. Government’s Department of Business and Trade, Connecticut Insurance and Financial Services trade association, state Department of Insurance, MetroHartford Alliance, InsurTech UK and state Department of Economic and Community Development.

During the first stage of the partnership in 2022, more than a dozen U.K companies participated in the program to prepare for entry into the U.S. market.

The second stage of the initiative launched in 2023, allowing U.S. companies to join the corridor and explore options to enter the U.K. market.

While no announcements have been made yet, Lamont said there will be Connecticut companies opening new regional headquarters in the U.K.

The governor also said there have been talks about establishing a direct flight from Bradley International Airport to London, another example of the growing relationship.

“The reason we have this cross fertilization is because these are small analytic companies, early stage, and they come to the United States, they come here to Hartford and this is an on-ramp to some of the most major insurance companies in the United States,” Lamont said. “We have a lot to learn from the analytics they bring to the table. We give them a lot more exposure and hopefully it’s going to be a two-way street and some of our innovative companies do the same in London.”

Nicholas BreniaLondon, U.K. officials visit Hartford to promote insurtech corridor partnership
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DigiSure is the global leader in marketplace trust, safety and insurance for mobility. Our technology platform enables businesses to take control of their risks, lower insurance costs, and deliver a seamless protection experience for their customers.

Nicholas BreniaDigisure
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Edlore 3D

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Edlore 3D is a platform that provides all O&Ms, 3D/AR, part numbers, videos, pictures, animations, etc in 3D. Edlore’s patented platform delivers equipment manuals that give 3D views of equipment and can zoom in and look at individual components.

Nicholas BreniaEdlore 3D
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Livindi helps family caregivers, assisted living homes, memory care facilities, care providers, and health insurers take care of seniors using a combination of technology and care services. Livindi reduces costs, time and effort associated with caring for a senior.

Nicholas BreniaLivindi 
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Mitigateway allows insurers to increase engagement and decrease attrition all while being a no-cost solution to reducing property damage claims. While performing core business, Mitigateway inadvertently help homeowners stay safe and pay lower insurance premiums. A wonderful side effect!

Nicholas BreniaMitigateway
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TauruSeer is the Continuous Assurance Platform that combines big data analytics with proactive risk intelligence, giving software companies a comprehensive product inventory, enabling leadership to enforce a culture of safety and turn compliance into real security actions that automates “audit ready all the time.”

Nicholas BreniaTauruSeer 
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